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What Is Energy Psychology?

Energy Psychology...Much Ado About Something

Sometimes, a complimentary or alternative modality has a "moment". I remember a period of time of all things coconut having a prime position in health and wellness discussions. The alternative mental health modality, Energy Psychology is having such a moment. But what exactly is Energy Psychology? In this blog post we will examine some of the assumptions made about how this ancient mind/body technique of healing has adopted some of the core protocols of Western Psychotherapy to present a truly one of a kind, effective mental health treatment option. Th Specific techniques used in energy healing may vary, but the premise of this ancient healing practice remain the same. The various protocols of energy psychology rely on aligning the subtle energy of the body with health and vitality. Because we are made up of energy, we can influence mental health by changing the subtle energies that are found in various subtle energy systems or the subtle energy anatomy. Like our heart rate, temperature, or brain wave patterns, thoughts and emotions also have energy. Energy psychology heals through identifying and changing the energy contained in our emotions and thoughts to support mental health.

How Does It Work?

In energy healing, we begin by honoring the notion of mind-body connection. Specific thoughts, memories, images stimulate a reaction in the brain which is followed by physical or emotional reactions . These reactions can be classified as energetic reactions.

Let us take a specific example. Let us assume a person suffers from anxiety. An anxiety provoking thought activates a certain part of the brain, neurons fire, and neurotransmitters are released. These signals tell the body to react in a specific manner. In this example perhaps we begin to sweat or our heart rate increases. In Energy Healing, energy points are activated through touching, tapping or holding as we attune to the anxiety producing thought. Stimulating the energy point adjusts the energetic reaction that was occurring in the brain and our feelings of anxiety are reduced. Researches postulate that activating the energy point desensitizes the memory. The result is a change in neurological reactions with lower levels of stress related neurotransmitters and rewiring new neural pathways.

Does It Work?

I know this might seem a little to "out there" for many. Keep in mind, we still cannot prove, measure or explain several expressions of "healing" that are relatable to each of us such as positive thinking, intention, intuition or visualization. However, several clinical trials support the use of Energy Healing to treat many mental health problems such as anxiety, PTSD, and phobias. These studies are being conducted by esteemed institutions such as Kaiser Permanente, Harvard Medical School, and other institutions around the world. Not only are the results demonstrating Energy Healing as effective, in many cases the number of treatments needed to produce results is much less than traditional psychological interventions such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Much ado about something... indeed.

with blessings - diane

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