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Energy Psychology Is Evidence-Based

The National Library of Medicine, in a comprehensive review of emerging subspecialties like "energy psychology," has shifted the landscape of evidence-based mental health treatments. This review, focusing on 245 clinical trials and meta-analyses, underscores the effectiveness of protocols involving tapping on acupuncture points, a prominent intervention in energy psychology.

In contrast to the now-outdated SAMHSA article, which was initially validated by NREPP (the National Repertory of Evidence-Based Practices and Procedures, a division of SAMHSA in the U.S.), it's important to note that NREPP has been defunded and no longer exists. This reinforces the need for updated sources, and the new evidence suggests that acupoint tapping protocols are not only effective but also rapid, durable, and capable of producing physiological changes. With a foundation of at least six clinical trials supporting each premise, this research provides a robust basis for claims about the approach's efficacy.

How Do These Studies Legitimize Energy Psychology In The Treatment Of Mental Health?

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"Discover the holistic benefits of Energy Psychology—an evidence-based approach to mental well-being.

The acknowledgment of Energy Psychology's evidence-based status, as substantiated by the National Library of Medicine's comprehensive review, holds immense significance in the mental health community. This review, examining 245 clinical trials and meta-analyses, provides robust evidence supporting the efficacy of protocols involving tapping on acupuncture points—a fundamental aspect of energy psychology. For those seeking holistic treatments with minimal side effects, this alternative approach has garnered empirical support from a relevant source.

Considering Different Perspectives

Treatment decisions often hinge on personal beliefs and preferences. Some individuals lean towards New Age methods, while others prefer approaches endorsed by government agencies like SAMHSA or their healthcare providers. The recent evidence from the National Library of Medicine offers a middle ground, providing empirical support to those who might find New Age practices unconventional.

Energy Psychology Blends Tradition and Best Practices

Energy Psychology seamlessly integrates traditional psychological interventions with ancient Eastern healing practices. Utilizing affirmations, exposure therapy, and modulation of brain chemistry, this approach addresses various mental health concerns with a foundation supported by recent, comprehensive research.

Specific Recognitions by the National Library of Medicine

The National Library of Medicine's endorsements affirm Energy Psychology's effectiveness in treating personal resilience, self-concept, self-regulation, trauma, and stress-related issues. Additionally, it shows promise in addressing conditions such as depression, phobias, panic disorders, and generalized anxiety disorders, as detailed in their extensive review of peer-reviewed journal articles.

If you have questions about how Energy Psychology could benefit a specific condition, contact Authentic Life Counseling. Our experience with this evidence-based treatment, as validated by recent research, has helped numerous individuals improve their mental health. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries.

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