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Serving clients in Suwanee, Duluth, Sugar Hill & Lawrenceville, Georgia

Marriage counseling and family therapy is available on line for residents throughout GA.

Photo of couple in a counseling session

Marriage Counseling

Relationships are HARD to maneuver.


We might love our partner a great deal, but we can’t talk to them, please them, or trust them.


Like a living organism, couples can be in a variety of stages of growth and development.


Couples contemplating marriage are facing different challenges than long-married couples on the brink of divorce or trying to rebuild trust after an affair.


Your Marriage Counseling Will Consist of Two Objectives:


The first objective will be to understand the characteristics and dynamics of your relationship from a third-person perspective.


This investigation might be difficult because it requires us to look at the dynamics of the relationship objectively, which might reveal a very different or new perspective than the one you had.


This is because we usually evaluate a relationship from a very personal and egoic perspective rather than objectively. The relationship evaluation organically develops the second objective.


The second objective is to identify what characteristics of the relationships are beneficial, and which characteristics and dynamics are not beneficial.


We then look at changes that might be made to develop the beneficial characteristics. And we look at changes that might be made to extinguish, or at least diminish non-beneficial characteristics.

Family Therapy

Families are constantly changing. There are marriages, divorces, the death of a loved one, health challenges, and career changes. Children grow up and couples grow apart. Sometimes family members have a hard time adjusting to these changes. Family therapy is designed to help maintain bonds and provide support through these challenging times. 


The objectives of family therapy are quite variable because of the unique nature of family structures and problems. 


Family Therapy Usually Includes:


  • Identifying healthy boundaries and how to maintain those boundaries

  • Improving communication skills and increase a sense of closeness

  • Improving problem-solving skills

  • Building empathy by understanding each other's points of view

  • Learning to resolve conflict more effectively 


As the family unit is guided through meaningful and respectful discussions in a safe and non-judgmental environment, new understandings about the family as a whole and family members as individuals are clarified allowing family bonds to heal and become strong.  

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