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Serving clients in Suwanee, Duluth, Sugar Hill & Lawrenceville, Georgia

Counseling services for anxiety are available online for residents throughout GA.

Man with anxiety sitting in front of computer.

Why Do I Have Anxiety?

Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mood disorders and may be experienced on a wide continuum ranging from social anxiety to panic attacks to post-traumatic stress. 


There are various treatment options for anxiety disorders that are effective and reduce the intensity and frequency of symptoms.

There are a multitude of reasons a person might develop an anxiety disorder: the complexity of modern-day society, social isolation, the uncharted effect of social media, and trying to find work/life balance to name a few.     


Anxiety is an emotional reaction to a perceived threat.  If the threat is real, then feeling anxious is actually a beneficial response.  This automatic response is very handy, in fact, it might keep us alive if the perceived threat is actually a threat.


The problem is we often confuse real threats with perceived threats because of perceptions, judgments, or beliefs.

Want to better understand your level of anxiety? Click here to use this Anxiety Screening Tool from Mental Health America.


How Authentic Life Counseling Can Help Treat Anxiety

The type of anxiety disorder one has will have an effect on the type of treatment, but it will almost always include making changes in thinking and behaviors. 


This is where examining thinking patterns comes into our therapy sessions. I will help you examine your thinking processes, beliefs, and judgments so that you can distinguish between real threats and perceived threats.

In addition to changing thinking patterns, anxiety can be reduced by changing physical reactions in the body. This therapeutic approach involves behavioral changes that “rewire” automatic physical reactions.

Authentic-Life Counseling serves Suwanee, Duluth, Lawrenceville, and Sugar Hill, GA, and the surrounding area, by offering therapy that treats anxiety in a holistic manner. 

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