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Low Cost Counseling in GA

Amidst the complex landscape of mental health care, the significance of low cost counseling services cannot be overstated. Affordability should never be a barrier to accessing the support needed for mental well-being.

Low Cost Counseling A Transformative Pathway

At Authentic-Life Counseling, we recognize the importance of connecting individuals with resources that align with their financial realities. This curated list not only outlines agencies offering low-cost counseling in Georgia but also emphasizes the transformative impact affordable mental health services can have on individuals and communities. Explore the options available and take a proactive step toward prioritizing your mental health without breaking the bank

Low cost clinics are available in two locations: Norcross and Gainesville. In addition to counseling, psychological assessments are available at a reduced rate.

A Psychology Department therapy training center providing individual, couples, family and group psychotherapy on a sliding fee sale. They also provide a variety of lower cost psychological testing, including IQ, learning disability, attention deficit disorder and neuropsychological assessment services; 404-727-7451.

The publicly funded adult and youth community-based mental health service system in Georgia, provides affordable counseling treatment for mental health and addiction disorders; 404-657-2136.

A Georgia State Department of Psychology training center for new therapists providing individual, couples, family, group psychotherapy, and psychological testing on a sliding fee scale; 404-413-6229.

Helping Survivors - provides assistance to those who have been impacted by sexual assault and abuse. Agency provides resources and various forms of assistance.

A therapy training center providing some low fee counseling through their "Project Open Heart" program. Located in Inman Park, near the Marta station; 404-658-1222.

An organization that provides health, career and human services, including low fee counseling services, serving people of all faiths. They have several locations and counselors in training; 770-677-9305.

Located off Clairmont Road just north of the Emory campus; 404-321-4307.

A nonprofit community counseling center located in Sandy Springs, 404-256-9797, and Cobb County, 770-541-1114.

A Mercer University training clinic for new therapists, providing couple and family therapy; located at Piedmont Hospital, near Buckhead; 678-547-6789.

Website where therapists register and clients can search for therapist by zip code. This site is for discount sessions $30.00-$50.00 per session. Client's must pay an initial registration fee of 50$. Individual therapist set their own prices for their counseling services.

The Mission of the Sage Center is to promote comprehensive wellness in the community by providing quality support services through counseling, consultation, education, and mentorship to individuals, professionals and organizations. Sage Center is committed to serving with integrity, compassion and respect in a balanced and collaborative environment. Reduced fee counseling services available now between $40 - $95. Clients seeking services through the STEP program may complete a short application at that will help identify the counselor that can best meet the client's needs and also determine fee. For more information or to inquire about services, please visit www.sagecenteratlanta.comor call Sage Center at 404-419-4221 Extension 103. Sage Center is conveniently located in North Atlanta near interstates 85 and 285 inside the perimeter.

An outreach of St. Luke's Episcopal Church serving people of all faiths, providing sliding fee scale. Located in downtown Atlanta just south of Crawford Long Hospital off of Courtland Street; 404-876-6266.

A welcoming counseling space, symbolizing affordable mental health services in Georgia. #CounselingForAll #GeorgiaMentalHealt
Explore low-cost counseling services in Georgia and take a step towards holistic well-being. #CounselingForAll #GeorgiaMentalHealth"

Authentic-Life Counseling does not have first hand experience working with any of these agencies.

The reference list of agencies offering affordable counseling in Georgia has been provided as a resource.

Special thanks to Allyce Wellons, psychotherapist, who originally posted this content.


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