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counseling services

Traditional and alternative mental health counseling services are available to meet the needs of adults, adolescents, couples and families. Evidence-based interventions are tailored to help clients meet their specific goals and restore emotional and mental health.

Manage Your Work-Related Stress

You have a limited amount of control over many aspects of your job.  You spend a great deal of time with your boss and co-workers even if/when they are difficult and unpleasant. Ever-increasing demands regarding efficiency and productivity have resulted in competitive and high-stress work environments. We spend a lot of time at work. The moods, behaviors and work integrity of co-workers, as well as the scope of your work demands, have a great influence on the quality of our life.

Some ascpects of your work environment may be beyond your control. But how you respond to the difficult aspects of your work is well within your control.

We help executives learn how to effectively respond and cope in stressful work environments.

Effective coping strategies for work-related stress include:

  • learning and using healthy coping skills
  • balancing the many demands and obligations of your professional and personal life
  • mindfulness training

We have assisted many professionals to learn to balance the many obligations and demands of life as a working professional.

The Most Important Jobs You Will Ever Have Is Parenting.

We love our children. We want what is best for them. Yet, children, particularly adolescents make mistakes and  wrong choices. An important transition from childhood to adulthood is learning from our mistakes.  As parents, we should respond to our children with wisdom when they make a mistake. Our words, actions, and discipline styles convey either shame and anger, or unconditional acceptance, love and support. Parenting styles are also influenced by our family of origin and this influence can be helpful or harmful. Parents often unconsciously pass the residual pain and trauma endured in our family of origin to our children. Blended families and step-children present a unique set of challenges in regards to parenting as the family learns to respond to the different traditions, rules, and priorities of two different households.

We have helped many parents lessen the anxiety and stress that arises from parenting. We will help you identify how to better relate to and respond to your children. At Authentic-Life Counseling we help parents

  • Improve communication with their children
  • Identify the unqiue developmental challenges of childhood development and how to respond to each stage of development
  • Identify the negative impact of your family of origin to your parenting style

Therapy will help you to identify how to better support your child, during all stages of development so that you can both enjoy healthy, loving and wonderful relationships.

You Don't Have To Continue To Suffer. Counseling Will Help You Find The Answers You Need.

What would make you feel excited about your life? What needs to change and how can you begin to make these changes? The answers to these questions are at the heart of therapy. It is difficult to see the solutions because we are stuck in habituated emotional and cognitive patterns.

At Authentic-Life Counseling we teach clients how breakthrough the intertia of maladaptive emotional, thinking and behavioral patterns. We are goal driven in our work with clients. We offer evidence based tools to help our clients reach their goals. At Authentic-Life Counseling you will recieve

  • a thorough assessment of your history and the nature of your problem. The assessment helps to establish therapeutic goals.
  • strategies to change maladaptive thought processes
  • improve self-esteem
  • set boundaries
  • improve relationships
  • cope with stress and anxiety


counseling services

authentic emotional healing
Abusive relationships
authentic self-care
Weight loss
Pain Management
Substance abuse
authentic relationships
Family therapy
Parenting struggles
Separation & divorce issues
Family of origin issues
authentic healing
Trauma reovery
Coping strategies
Emotional regulation
Intrusive thoughts
support - to be treated with dignity and respect.
homework - tools to cultivate healtheir thinking patterns, emotional responses and behaviors.
results - a reduction in the frequency, intensity, or duration of the "problematic" symptoms.

how the sessions work

initial assessment
  • The main goal is to identify the true nature of your problem or concern and define the goals of treatment.
  • Obtain relevant information which may include; health, relationships, self-care, stress level, current coping skills.
follow up sessions
  • Interventions are developed and driven by the goals you wish to obtain.
  • Common interventions may include changing destructive thought processes, learning relationship skills, improving self-care, or changing behaviors.
cost & structure

Diane Chrestman, LCSW, DCEP, CcHT

  • Initial assessment: $150/90 minute session
  • Follow up sessions: $115/55 minute session
A limited number of sliding scale cost structures are available.
A limited number of evening and weekend appointments are available.


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