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Corporate Mindfulness Training.
Integrating Mandatory Mindfulness and Meditation Practices Into Your Organization.

Our program focuses on three objectives.

1.  Resilience
2. Emotional Intelligence 3. Well-Being 


What A Culture of Mindfulness Can Do For Your Organization?
Turns Out A Lot. 


Mindulness practices provide practical and effective strategies for decreasing employee stress, improving relienccy and vigor.


Work place mindfulness is positively related to job performance and negatively related to turnover intention.  


For every $1 spent on mental health concerns such as work place stress, employers see a $4 return on productivity gains. 

Happier Work Spaces

Psychological Capital including hope, optimism, self-efficacy, and resilience are positivly influenced. 

Must Be

Are You In The Know?


Corporate mindfulness and meditation practices are being implemented in over 30% of organizations and those numbers are growing.


Business owners, Human Resource managers, and employees are turning to mindfulness to support their goals of finding the balance between a competitive and high-performing workspace and a work environment that is fulfilling, sustainable, and kind. 


MINDATORY is a comprehensive mindfulness program with three objectives: building workforce resilience, developing emotional intelligence, and promoting overall well-being.


 If you are interested in learning more about the competitive edge benefits of mindfulness and meditation give us a call today.

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Mindatory Objectives

Our corporate mindfulness program focuses on three objectives:

RESILIENCE: Gaining a competitive edge by learning from and bouncing back from mistakes.

​EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE: Cultivating mindfulness skills such as understanding ego, mental, and emotional reactions to foster compassionate workplaces.

WELL-BEING: Promoting mental and emotional health essential for productive work environments.


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Lesson 1

Cultivating Resilience

Lesson 2

Resilience To Navigate Life's Fluxes


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Lesson 3

Understanding The Ego

Lesson 4

Compassion: The Bridge To Emotional Understanding


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Lesson 5

The Mindfulness Pause


Lesson 6

 Mindful Presence

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Mindatory logo

Program Delivery Options

Online, Onsite, or Both


With each lesson you receive: 

  • 1 Hour Online Training related to lesson content 

  • Participant Workbook that includes daily mindfulness practices.  

  • Guided Meditations 


Train the Trainer 

This addendum to the core Mindatory program trains employees to lead regular mindfulness practices.


Train the Trainer Deliverables Include

  • 2 hours of online training

  • Trainer workbook to lead on-site mindfulness workshops.

  • Additional content such as mindfulness scripts, daily mindfulness quotes and mindfulness exercises.     

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Your Corporate Mindfulness Trainer - Diane Chrestman, LCSW

Therapist Diane Chrestman, LCSW

Mindatory Corporate Mindfulness training program was created as a response to the expressed interest of professionals she has worked with in her private practice.


Diane has extensive experience teaching mindfulness both in her private practice and in corporate settings. 

What People Say

This has been super helpful for me and I can actually see how quieting my mind and all the things I tell myself - recognized the impermance - can be freeing.  I feel like these practices will help me in many areas of my life

You explained the concepts really well and in different ways (gave different examples) and you also asked a lot of though-provoking questions. I think it was helpful for the group to hear each others experiences and relationships with the material. I also really liked that we did a guided meditation together at the end of each meeting.

I just want to say thank you for your time, energy and care for us. I am so grateful for the opporuntity and enjoyed being part of this group.

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