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Divine Femininity by Guest Blogger Myra Cornelius

As a woman, I did not always know my worth. In fact, I am just coming into the reality of the divine wisdom of femininity. Some years ago, as I was eating breakfast in a Waffle House restaurant, and a beautiful man approached me. His intention was to compliment me on the beauty he observed in me. But, as I sat in my intimidation, I tried to brush him off. After all, I was just there to eat. But, this beautiful King asked permission to sit with me. Well, it was more than a random "come-on". He began to share with me about who I was as a goddess. He offered me a book he shared with his own daughter. That book is Sacred Woman: A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind and Spirit by Queen Afua.

Shortly after this encounter, I received an unsolicited email announcing Queen Afua coming to Atlanta for a one day conference. Well, my beloved mentor and teacher Julia W., once told me to "pay attention" to the messages of the universe and you will hear God. We tend to read and pray so much, we miss out on answers to internal questions and quests because we won't be still enough to know when answers come. Well, the universe had my attention because this was no coincidence. So, I went to the conference and I was transformed, in my thinking, that is.

Queen Afua says..., as a female Being we are distinctive in that we are the "wombed" , The Divine SHE- which is the gateway of ALL human life. She says..., when the womb is honored and respected, she becomes a channel of power, creativity, and beauty. - and joy reigns on earth. When her voice goes unheard, unanswered, denied, the womb becomes a vessel of dis-ease. The collective state of women's wombs reflects the condition of the world. When so many women suffer from tumors, fibroids and heavy bleeding, frigidity and when so many experience sexually aggressive acts or simply are denied orgasmic pleasure, then disharmony covers the earth.

My colleague and friend Diane C. Of Authentic-Life Counseling, does Chakra Energy work with clients and she identifies this as the Sacral Chakra, which relates to our ability to feel creative, sexual and accept change. The womb is the storehouse of our emotions and is where many of us, including me, hold our fear and negativity. Queen says..., "the condition of a woman's womb reflects the condition of all her relationships. When a woman's womb is in a healthy state, her life is a reflection of this balance".

So, sisters, let's have the sacred conversation about our wombs and how we either honor or dishonor it. Let's have the courage to examine our unhealthy habits and relationships, our unmet needs and our engagement in sex to fill voids it cannot fill. Let's begin to know, love and honor the sacredness of who are. WE ARE THE WOMBED.

We are more powerful than the world is willing to admit. Jill Scott, in one of her songs, suggested..., "if women stopped having babies, we will end humanity as we know it". Powerful, huh!!

The womb is the door from which humanity enters. As the chosen vessels, we deserve good love, good care, good health, and the Truth about who we really are, which is the Divine SHE. I say, we are the expression of Divine Wisdom known as Femininity - the Mother Nature of God. We have been given awesome creative power. We are the healers of the earth. As we heal ourselves, we heal the world. The womb is the birthplace of all Creativity- the place where God resides.


Myra C


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