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Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling to help you put the pieces back together

Marriage counseling helps couples find solutions when their relationship seems to be falling apart.

Authentic-Life Counseling helps couples find the solutions they need to rebuild and reconnect.  

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Marriage Counseling

Every couples' experience is different. In some couples, a partner feels alone and unloved. Other couples are trying to repair trust following an affair while others face living with an abusive or narcissistic partner. In most relationships that are facing difficulties, couples do not “fight fair” and in engage in destructive communication patterns such as criticizing, defensiveness, hurtful speech such as name calling or stonewalling. Marriage counseling can help you identify what is contributing to these problems and identify solutions.

Marriage counseling treatment methods

Our approach to marriage counseling includes the following process:

initial session

During the first session we will complete a thorough assessment of you and your partner. The assessment helps identify issues that exacerbate relationship difficulties. Examples of exacerbating factor include untreated mental health issues, trauma, substance abuse or medical problems. During the initial assessment we will also identify the goals for therapy, or the outcomes you hope to achieve. The goals that we identify will drive the remaining sessions. In order to further identify the problems in the relationships as well as the strengths, couples will often be asked to complete a comprehensive relationship assessment. Homework assignments will be provided to help learn new emotional, behavioral, or thinking patterns to support your ability to reach these goals.

subsequent sessions

While the dynamics of all relationships are different there are treatment goals that are common in marriage counseling. Some of these include:

Improve communication: When you and your partner communicate are there elements of defensiveness, disrespect, ridicule, or criticism? These communication patterns are very destructive and predictive of divorce. Communications skills include learning how to ask for what you need, set boundaries and deepen understanding of your partner.

Resolve conflict: Hurtful words, accusations and threats are often made during “heated” arguments. Learn more effective skills so that you can resolve problems, not just fight about your problems.

Improve intimacy: Learn strategies to improve your ability to re-connect and enhance levels of intimacy and friendship. Identify the strengths of your relationship and learn how to build on these strengths

Authentic-Life Counseling provides marriage counseling in Suwanee, Duluth and Sugar Hill, GA. We help couples find solutions and provide tools to help you find the answers you need. A vast majority of couples who received marriage counseling report an improvement in the couple’s relationship.

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