Marriage Counseling

marriage counseling to help you put the pieces back together

When You Feel Like Your Relationship Is Falling Apart Is Hard To Know How To Fix It. We Will Help You To Find The Answers You Need.  

Every couples experience is different. In some couples a partner feels alone and unloved. Other couples are trying to repair trust following an affair or  while others face living with an abusive or narcissistic partner.  Marriage counseling can help you identify what is contributing to these problems and identify solutions.

Authentic-Life Counseling can help you find solutions and provide tools to help you find the answers you need. A vast majority of couples who received marriage counseling report an improvement in the couple’s relationship. Our approach to marriage counseling includes the following process:marriage counseling session with angry couple

  • During the initial session we will complete a thorough assessment of you and your partner. The assessment helps  identify issues that are exacerbating the relationship difficulties such as family of origin factors, medical issues and mental health issues.
  • Strategies to improve a couples attempts to resolve conflict.
  • Improve communication! The presence of defensiveness, contempt, personal criticism of your partner and stonewalling are detrimental to relationships.
  • Resolve conflict. Hurtful words, accusations and threats are often made a couple is “heated” and attempting to talk about a problem. Learn more effective skills so that you can work through your problems, not just fight about your problems
  • Strategies to improve your ability to re-connect and enhance levels of intimacy and friendship.
  • Identify the strengths of your relationship and learn how to build on these strengths

How I Work Our Services
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