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Buddhist Psychology

The Mind Through The Lens of Buddhist Psychology Theories of psychotherapy are intended to define and predict the trajectory of “normal” mental health and development. That is, after a consensus is reached on what constitutes  “normal” and “abnormal” behavior. If you tell me you talk to your deceased grandmother before making any life decisions, perhaps […]

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Affordable Counseling in Georgia- Resources & Contact Information

In 2016, 13.9% of Georgia residents were uninsured. For uninsured individuals, comprehensive mental health care, including therapy, is often a rare commodity. The following resource list contains agencies in Georgia who offer affordable counseling, and other mental health services.        Brenau University  Low cost clinics are available in two locations: Norcross and Gainesville. […]

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Is Watching the News Stressing You Out?

Images in the news of  police violence, racial tension, domestic and international terrorist attacks, and a divisive Presidential Election are constantly streaming. These images become part of our conscious mind. The result is that  Watching the news is having a negative affect on our mental health. I have noticed relationships between family and friends straining […]

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