Mental Health Blog

If I have learned anything over the last decade in regards to mental health, it is this. Mental and emotional health are fragile states. Many conditions, from pervasive mental health problems, to unexpected tragedies, influence our mood and ability to cope. This mental health blog discusses many aspects of mental health from approaches to therapy to unpacking the complexity of the human mind and ego.

As a counselor, I use therapy modalities that are a little different. Because of my interest in Buddhist Psychology, mindfulness and meditation, I write about these topics often.  I believe if we all had a meditation and mindfulness practice, that the collective mental health of this country would greatly improve.  I am also fond of a holistic approach to therapy called Energy Psychology. This is also discussed in a few post.

I also like to challenge the accepted vernacular that is used to diagnosis mental health disorders. For example, in Buddhist Psychology the human condition of laziness is considered a “hinderance” to good mental health. In other words, Lazy Sickness is a “thing” in Buddhist Psychology.  In Western Psychotherapy, laziness is not given the same amount of importance. Psychotherapist may discuss the absence of “goal directed behavior”  but still, laziness is not seem as the condition. It is seen as a symptom. My point to all this, is I think it is beneficial to question how we define and measure mental health disorders.

I hope you enjoy this blog. I try to respond to all comments, and would love to hear from you.

Be in peace – Diane