Meditation Class with Sound Therapy

Meditation Class with Sound Therapy

Meditation with Sound Therapy July 13th  Offered by Authentic-Life Counseling and SonicYogi
Meditation with Sound Therapy
July 13th
Offered by Authentic-Life Counseling and SonicYogi

Meditation with Sound Therapy

an event for mental restoration

Authentic-Life Counseling and Sonic-Yogi  are pleased to offer a Meditation with Sound Therapy event on July 13th at 2:00 pm.

Location?  3444 Club Drive Lawrenceville GA

What Do I Need? An open mind, a yoga mat, and/or a meditation cushion

How Long Will It Last? Approximately 45 minutes.

What is the Cost?  There is no cost. However, offerings will be accepted to offset cost

What if I do not know how to meditate? This is the perfect event for the novice meditator or those with an established practice. Following a few minutes of instruction, Tibetan singing bowls will be sounded for 30 minutes. Novice meditators are encouraged to use the relaxing sound of the bowls to support their meditation practice, while experienced meditators can enhance their practice.    

Do I have to meditate for 30 minutes?  No. You can meditate as long as you would like. After 5 or 10 minutes of sitting meditation if you would like, relax on your mat, and let the relaxing vibration of the Tibetan singing bowls wash over you.

How can Meditation with Sound Therapy help you? 

Fast achievement of deep relaxation.

Gentle massage through sound and vibration.

Relief of tensions in the mind and body.

Reinforcement of self-healing forces.

Renewed sense of well-being.

Silencing mind chatter and connecting to inner stillness.

Improved sleep 

We live in a world of sound! Everyone likes music, and for good reason. Music is food for our soul. Not all music and sound is created equal, however. Come and learn how frequency and vibration can affect the way we think and feel. Our brainwaves and our thoughts themselves create frequency waves and are measured in “hertz”, just like sound waves.  Sound has the power to affect us not only emotionally, but also to affect our states of consciousness and our brainwaves. Most of the music we are exposed to is within an international standard for frequencies, but there are many other frequencies that we are not exposed to on a daily basis that can have a profound and beneficial impact on us both mentally and physically.



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  • Shelia

    Thanks for the invite. If I do not have anything pressing at work and can get off, I would like to come

    • Diane Chrestman

      Hey Shelia. I hope you can make it. I hope you are doing well – diane

  • Randy McCorkle

    A really great time! Jonathans’s skillful blend of Tibetan Singing Bowls, Native American Flute and the Sounds of Nature combined to help me reach a deeply relaxed meditatave state. I am looking forward to the next event! Shine on!

    • Diane Chrestman

      Randy, Your presence made the event all the better. We will do it again in August. with peace- diane

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