Logicpalooza – thinking and rock star status


Logicpalooza- thinking and rock star status

Who does not like logic? Logic is great, really. Without logical thinking it would be difficult to solve simple problems. Without the advances that have resulted from logical thinking our lives would be more difficult in many ways. However, logical thinking should not always take the center stage of our mind.

We bestow rock star status to the cognitive process of logical thinking

As a society, we bestow rock star status to logical thinking. However, this cognitive process is not always the right or best response. When is logical thinking not the right response? Some answers would include situations in which a more emotional space will help you to feel the moment, connect with another, or find peace in acceptance. For example, when you are looking at a sunset, kissing your partner, holding a baby or acknowledging a well deserved compliment logically analyzing is perhaps not the right response.

We want answers

In some traditions of Zen Buddhism, students are often given a koan to contemplate while they are meditating. Think of a koan as a puzzle or riddle. One of the functions of koan is to illuminate the inadequacy of logical thinking. We want answers, but sometimes there are no answers. Sometimes it serves us to accept, let go, or let it be. Perhaps, the function of our mind quite naturally keeps the wheels spinning with relentless thinking and analyzing.  It seems to take conscious effort to maintain awareness yet relinquish the desire to have an answer. Relinquishing logical thinking in the right space and at the right time, helps us to obtain a greater sense of  peace and acceptance for those things in our life that are the most difficult, the most magical, and the most inspiring.

with peace – diane