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Diane Chrestman, LCSW  is a licensed counselor in private practice. This mental health blog presents a variety of topics from interesting perspectives. Sometimes topics are discussed from a perspective of a mental health professional, reflecting insights from over 15 years of clinical experience. At other times topics are presented in a touching personal format, reflecting Chrestman’s personal struggles of coming to terms with a childhood marked by neglect, parental substance abuse, parental kidnapping, poverty and eventually foster care.

In this mental health blog an understanding of the mind, personality, emotions and the human condition is often presented through the lens of Buddhist teachings. Mindfulness and meditation are repeated subject matters.  Chrestman, has studied and practiced various forms of meditation with Zen Buddhist monks and nuns for over 10 years.

The reader will also find interesting discussions related to current treatments, standards of practice, and service delivery in the field of mental health.

This blog post is not intended to be a replacement for mental health treatment or therapy. If you need to be seen by a professional please seek the help you need. You may start by contacting the National Alliance of Mental Health   

Is Watching the News Stressing You Out?

Images in the news of  police violence, racial tension, domestic and international terrorist attacks, and a divisive Presidential Election are constantly streaming. These images become part of our conscious mind. The result is that  Watching the news is having a negative affect on our mental health. I have noticed relationships between family and friends straining […]

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Energy Psychology IS Evidence Based

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) recently recognized Thought Field Therapy, a prequel of energy psychology, as an evidenced based treatment in mental health. This is a big deal particularly to those seeking a holistic approach with minimal side-effects in mental health therapy. This endorsement by SAMHSA show Energy Psychology is evidence […]

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10 Suggestions to Overcome Lazy

Lazy Sickness There are many behavioral, cognitive and emotional patterns that are pathological and destructive. Many have “official” diagnosis, symptoms and treatment protocols. Many don’t. Some patterns of behavior are quite common, yet we don’t acknowledge or recognize them in the standard mental health vernacular. We should. A condition I call lazy sickness is a […]

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Lazy Sickness

Proposed Mental Health Diagnosis  Lazy Sickness, Control Freak Disorder and Selfish Illness An accurate mental health diagnosis is important because it lays the foundation of mental health treatment. It will determine the course of  medication and therapy you receive. However, it’s not unusual for mental health clinicians to disagree on a person’s diagnosis . Don’t […]

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