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Diane Chrestman, LCSW  is a licensed counselor in private practice. This mental health blog presents a variety of topics from interesting perspectives. Sometimes topics are discussed from a perspective of a mental health professional, reflecting insights from over 15 years of clinical experience. At other times topics are presented in a touching personal format, reflecting Chrestman’s personal struggles of coming to terms with a childhood marked by neglect, parental substance abuse, parental kidnapping, poverty and eventually foster care.

In this mental health blog an understanding of the mind, personality, emotions and the human condition is often presented through the lens of Buddhist teachings. Mindfulness and meditation are repeated subject matters.  Chrestman, has studied and practiced various forms of meditation with Zen Buddhist monks and nuns for over 10 years.

The reader will also find interesting discussions related to current treatments, standards of practice, and service delivery in the field of mental health.

This blog post is not intended to be a replacement for mental health treatment or therapy. If you need to be seen by a professional please seek the help you need. You may start by contacting the National Alliance of Mental Health   

Affordable Counseling in Georgia- Resources & Contact Information

In 2016, 13.9% of Georgia residents were uninsured. For uninsured individuals, comprehensive mental health care, including therapy, is often a rare commodity. The following resource list contains agencies in Georgia who offer affordable counseling, and other mental health services.        Brenau University  Low cost clinics are available in two locations: Norcross and Gainesville. […]

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Anxiety Treatment

Top 5 Approaches Although anxiety is classified as mood disorder, there are physical and cognitive (thinking) patterns that maintain the condition. Effective anxiety treatment not only addresses the anxious mood, but also the physical and cognitive aspects that support the anxiety. At Authentic-Life Counseling, anxiety treatment utilizes traditional Western medicine and non-traditional Eastern healing techniques.  […]

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