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Are considering marriage counseling but feel nervous about the process?  What can you expect when you walk into your therapist office? Are there any topics off limits? Does the counselor do more than just listen? This blog post helps couples to answer common questions so that couples can make  informed decisions about the process. In marriage counseling, as opposed to individual counseling, the relationship is viewed as the “client”. This dynamic lends itself to couples having misconceptions about the process and what the counselor will and won’t do. This blog post covers many of these misconceptions so that couples can know what to expect, and what they might gain.

Marriage Counseling – What To Expect

Rarely does a couple consider marriage counseling for a relationship tune-up. Instead, couples call a marriage counselor when there is a relationship breakdown. Emotions usually are running very high by the time a couple calls to schedule marriage counseling. The intensity of emotions and high levels of stress result in couples having many expectations about […]

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Tips for Improving Relationships

Relationships Are Difficult. I was recently asked by Relationships Are Complicated to provide relationship advice and tips that I most frequently give couples to improve and grow loving  fulfilling relationships. I hope you find the information helpful! How and/or why did you become a therapist? I became a therapist because I love helping people become […]

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