Author: Diane Chrestman

Counseling Is Hard Work

Talking Is Only Part Of The Process People are best served when they actively work with their therapist to set goals, do homework, acknowledge and dissolve defensive mechanisms, and become more conscious. The talking component of counseling is very therapeutic.  Discussing, admitting or purging your most tender, sensitive, or secret thoughts is an important part […]

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Depression – A Modern Day Epidemic

The number of people diagnosed every year with depression reveals a mental-health crisis of epidemic proportions. The subjective nature of diagnosing depression may be impacting the problem. Depression by the numbers During the 1950s if you wanted to track the number of people who were disabled from a mental health disorder  you counted the population […]

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Emotional Health

Emotional health can be improved by practicing the skill of mindfulness, which includes realizing the nature of impermanence. A Mindful State of Mind Emotional health can be greatly improved when we practice mindfulness skills. Earlier I discussed the art of staying in the present moment  to sustain mindfulness. Understanding the nature of impermanence also invites […]

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