Author: Diane Chrestman

Video Counseling Available

Authentic-Life Counseling, recognizes the importance of balancing community wellness with continuity of care for existing and new clients. To meet the needs of our clients video counseling and phone counseling are now available. Video counseling and phone counseling are an alternative to face to face session in the office. The challenges we are facing during […]

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Buddhist Psychology

The Mind Through The Lens of Buddhist Psychology Theories of psychotherapy are intended to define and predict the trajectory of “normal” mental health and development. That is, after a consensus is reached on what constitutes  “normal” and “abnormal” behavior. If you tell me you talk to your deceased grandmother before making any life decisions, perhaps […]

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Coping With Christmas

Contrasting Christmas dinner at your house with the Christmas dinner portrayed in the Hallmark movies can be depressing and disappointing.  The two images just don’t align. Coping with Christmas is very difficult because of the idealistic portrayals that have been pounded in our heads and the actual portrayals which might include coping with mental illness, […]

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