Tame Your Brain, Open Your Heart – A Meditation Event

Meditation and Sound Therapy Event
Calm Your Brain and Open Your Heart

Tame Your Brain, Open Your Heart:

Strategies for Releasing Stress and Inviting Joy

Authentic-Life Counseling is pleased to offer a Meditation class on Sunday, August 17th at 2:00 pm. Sound therapy will be provided by Sonic Yogi to enhance your meditation practice.



What Do I Need?  An open mind, a yoga mat, and/or a meditation cushion

How Long Will It Last?  Approximately 45 minutes.

What is the Cost?  There is no cost. However, offerings will be accepted to offset cost

What if I do not know how to meditate? This is the perfect event for the novice meditator or those with an established practice. Following a few minutes of instruction, Tibetan singing bowls will be sounded for 30 minutes. Novice meditators are encouraged to use the relaxing sound of the bowls to support their meditation practice, while experienced meditators can enhance their practice.   

Do I have to meditate for 30 minutes?  No. You can meditate as long as you would like. After 5 or 10 minutes of sitting meditation if you would like, relax on your mat, and let the relaxing vibration of the Tibetan singing bowls wash over you.

 How can Sound Therapy and Meditation help you?

Fast achievement of deep relaxation.

Gentle massage through sound and vibration.

Relief of tensions in the mind and body.

Reinforcement of self-healing forces.

Renewed sense of well-being.

Silencing mind chatter and connecting to inner stillness.

Improved sleep


We live in a world of sound! Everyone likes music, and for good reason. Music is food for our soul. Not all music and sound is created equal, however. Come and learn how frequency and vibration can affect the way we think and feel. Our brainwaves and our thoughts themselves create

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  • amy malacarne

    Reserving 1 Spot.

  • Faith

    Reserving 1 spot 🙂

    • Diane Chrestman

      Thank you

    • Faith

      Oh no! I won’t be able to make it today 🙁

      • Diane Chrestman

        Faith, The date is August 17th.

  • Shoshanah Blaiss

    Reserving 2 spots for me and my friend Katie.

    • Diane Chrestman

      Thank you Shoshana. We look forward to seeing you

  • Montana

    Reserving 1 spot

  • Randy McCorkle

    I’ll be there

  • Jennifer

    Please reserve a spot for me.

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