Good Vibrations – Meditation and Sound Therapy

Meditation and Sound Therapy Event
Good Vibrations Meditation and Sound Therapy


Good Vibrations  Meditation and Sound Therapy

Presented by Authentic-Life Counseling and Sonic Yogi

September 21,2014

from 2:oo until 3:00’ish

Cost $10 per person

Please leave a comment below to RSVP. Seating is limited.

Please bring a yoga mat or cushion

Meditation and sound therapy are self care practices that can reduce stress, improve concentration, and help turn down the intensity of a racing mind, achieve a deep relaxation and offer a renewed sense of well-being.

Good Vibrations is a meditation class right for individuals with a well established meditation practice, as well as beginners. Following a few minutes of instruction, Tibetan singing bowls will be sounded for 30 minutes. Novice meditators are encouraged to use the relaxing sound of the bowls to support their practice, while experienced meditators can enhance their practice.

Our brainwaves, as well as all sounds, create a frequency which can be measured in “hertz”.  Consequently, sound has the power to affect us not only emotionally, but also to affect our states of consciousness and our brainwaves. The  frequency and vibration of the Tibetan singing bowls can affect the way we think and feel  and enhance our meditation practice. Most of the music we are exposed to is within an international standard for frequencies, but there are many other frequencies that we are not exposed to on a daily basis that can have a profound and beneficial impact on us both mentally and physically.

Come and join us. Do something good for you.


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  • Andrea Dyson

    I’d love to come!

  • Emily Settle

    Count me and my husband in!

  • amy malacarne

    I’ll be there 🙂

  • Lori O

    Can’t wait…I’ll be there! 🙂

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